SHM - Smart Sensors (I)


Integrated Optics Inclinometers for SHM

D. Inaudi1, R. Blin1, B. Timotijevic2, D. Zaman Bayat2, Y. Petremand2, M. Luetzelschwab2, N. Niketic2

1: SMARTEC SA, Manno, Switzerland
2: CSEM, Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Surface-applied distributed fiber-optic monitoring for crack detection in concrete structures: Technology overview and application challenges

N. Nöther1, A. Künzel2, F. Vogdt2

1: fibrisTerre Systems GmbH, Berlin, Germany
2: SENSICAL GmbH, Berlin, Germany


Fibre-optic sensors in practical applications: challenges and technical needs for a successful use

W. Habel1

1: formerly BAM, Berlin, Germany


Self-Sensing Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites for Smart Cities

S.-H. Jang1

1: Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom


A hybrid optical fiber/wireless monitoring system for permeable pavements

J.-N. Wang1, W.-T. Wu2, C.-H. Chen2, P.-K. Wu1, J.-F. Wang1

1: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Douliou, Taiwan (Republic of China)
2: National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Pingtung, Taiwan (Republic of China)


A Coupled Damage-Plasticity Traction-Separation Law for Masonry

Y.P. Yuen1, T. Deb1, K.-M. Wang1, Y.-C. Chen1, C.-A. Tsai1, W.-W. Chen1

1: National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan (Republic of China)