SHM - System Identification and Model Updating


Assessment of reinforced concrete structures performance under environment aggressiveness for durability monitoring

P. Alonso1, F. Rodriguez1, J. Leon1

1: Polytechnic University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain


Monitoring Concrete Strength Parameters for Gravity Dam using Strain Energy Based Structural Health Monitoring Technique

S. Bagchi1, A. Bagchi1

1: Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


A comparison of greedy and global searches for measurement-system design in bridge load testing

N.J. Bertola1,2, I.F.C. Smith1,2

1: Singapore ETH Centre, Singapore
2: EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


Traffic and Temperature Effects Monitoring on Bridges by Optical Strands Strain Sensors

F.-B. Cartiaux1, P. Pelletier1, J. Semiao1

1: OSMOS Group, Paris, France


Structural Health Monitoring results as an input for asset management of offshore wind turbine support structures

S. Tewolde1,2, R. Höffer1, H. Haardt2, J. Krieger2

1: Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany
2: airwerk GmbH, Emstek, Germany


New SHM applications in cable-supported bridges Case studies

N. Meng1, M. Treacy1, S. Adam2, A. Paciacconi1, T. Richli1

1: Mageba SA, Bulach, Switzerland
2: Mageba GmbH, Uslar, Germany


What added value can SHM bring to my construction project or structure maintenance programme?

M. Treacy1, N. Meng1, A. Paciacconi1, T. Richli1

1: Mageba SA, Bulach, Switzerland